R/C Shuttle Launch Tower and Platform
Since I built a scale flying R/C Space Shuttle, I
wanted a scale launch pad and tower.  However, I
shortened the lenght of the launch pad, by about 1/2
to save wood and make it easier to store in my small
hobby room.  It takes away from the scale look
somewhat, but I can always add to it when I get a
bigger house. More picturs to come, work is still in
Tower and launch pad.     12/2/02
Tower crane.      12/3/02
Tower under constuction
Launch day! First launch.       3/15/03
This picture was taken the day of the 4th
launch.  The shuttle is the same, but the tank
and boosters are of a new and lighter design.  
Notice the LOX arm at the top of the tank and
the walk ways on the mobile launch platform.
These were added to the tower since the first
launch.          9/7/2006