While it's usually "all business" in
the Basement, we sometimes
engineer "tension breakers".
Me and the new Python
rocket. First launch March
4, 2001.  Lost November
27, 2003.  
Unnamed rocket
Launched 3 times, lost on
Feb 25, 2001
My Saturn V
Here is a photo of the completed Launch Control Unit (LCU)
as seen above.  Click here to see details about the PCB
construction.  This unit contains a countdown timer with
display that fires the engine at T-"0".  At 10 seconds before
launch, it retracts the lug arm.  I included an anemometer to
monitor wind speed and shutdown the launch if it exceeds
My Shuttle and Jay preparing
the control box for launch.
This "Red Rocket" was used on the
day, of the first r/c shuttle, to test the
two  motor ignition system.  Due to a
large parachute, the rocket was lost
after its first flight.  3/17/03
Click Here for launch video.
My wife bought me a Estes Space
Shuttle for Valentines day, and over
spring break Jay and I had a chance to
launch it twice.
Shuttle launch complex construction
My Estes
Mercury Redstone
Shuttle launch video.
New rocket called Screamin Mimi.
Launched and recovered on 10/15/13
Here is a rocket that Tyler assembled
himself.  It has a helicopter recovery.  
Flown 3 times successfully 10/15/13